Summary of the Rich Slot Game

These flashy slots, which were all the rage a few years ago, are all over the place. This aesthetic appeared to have faded from favor, but Play’n GO has revitalized it with their latest video slot, That’s Rich. The name kind of gives away the fact that this slot is about shiny, expensive stuff. The Snoop Dogg lookalike protagonist and his girlfriends are back in this sequel to 2015’s Pimped, which was similarly obnoxious in its display of wealth. Whereas Pimped catered to young men who fancied themselves as gangsters, That’s Rich seems to be directed at the ladies who enjoy betting. Or, anyone into fashion periodicals, high heels, and fancy bags, we don’t judge. For some garish good times, read on.

That’s Rich is played on a grid of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines, all of which are visible. The minimal staging really highlights the luminous backdrop. Through closed hotel curtains, the background may be the Arabian Gulf or the Mediterranean Sea. Unquestionably, an expensive room, ideal for making “friends” in colder regions of the world jealous by uploading hundreds of photos. Natch. The user interface is sleekly built with ultra-modern beige tones, and wagers range from 10 percent to $100 or €100. Spin the reels manually by clicking the large green button, or use the automatic features by clicking the mustard-colored button. Relax like you’re sitting in a pair of Manolo Blahniks and take in the show.

Landing combinations of three or more identical symbols left to right is the name of the game in this game with a straightforward setup and equally straightforward rules. Prices for symbols are high, as should be expected, yet even the lowest payouts are a stylish set of 10A royals. The highest paid individuals have the most to gain from a bag and shoes, mansion, yacht, currency, and fashion magazine. If you get five mags in a line, you will win 40 times your wager. However, if you get five wilds, you will win 50 times your wager. The wild card is represented by a curvy woman in a white dress fragment; the game sheet simply calls her “Famous Woman.” There are two variations of the Famous Woman available: the standard 1×1 tile, and the more elaborate variant that we’ll explore in the features. The wild card can replace any other icon save the scatter in either game.

The game’s flashy presentation masks a darker and more gritty core. The volatility is an 8 on Play’n GO’s scale, which is still on the high side. However, RTP varies from a maximum of 96.27 percent at non-MGA licensed operators to a minimum of 84.25% in the best-case scenario. It is common sense to read the warning label before consuming a product.

Features of the Rich Slot Machine

The feature set, which consists mostly of expanding wilds and Win Spins, is not particularly rich, to put it mildly. With regards to expanding wilds, the wild symbol has the potential to grow to occupy an entire reel on any one round. When the wild symbol appears during Win Spins, the feature triggers.

The golden trophy scatter symbol activates the exciting Win Spins bonus round. The purpose of the trophy isn’t entirely apparent. Iconic beauty of the year? Who is/who is she/he? Players are free to imagine whatever they choose in the absence of any hints. After all, this is a slot machine devoted to fictitious life. At least the Instagram ideal survives.

Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels, and when three or more appear, you’ll receive five free Win Spins. Every single Win Spin always has at least one winning combination. Each scatter that appears during a Win Spin offers 2 more Win Spins, for a maximum of 20 possible spins. Only if you have a string of 19 Win Spins in a row will 1 scatter award only 1 Win Spin.

More than that, though, each wild that appears during the bonus round will multiply your wins by a certain amount. The Wild Win Multiplier can increase by a factor of x20 for every wild that results in a win. The finishing touch is that, no matter how many Wild Win Multipliers were accumulated throughout the round, x20 can be activated on the very last Win Spin.

The Jury Has Said: Rich Slot

The cartoony, glossy, Club Med vibe of That’s Rich immediately sets it apart. It’s like relaxing with a Jackie Collins novel by the Corfu pool before getting dolled up for cocktails and a night of dancing with your gal pals. With apologies for the gender stereotyping, it seems that Play’n GO is aiming this one squarely at the ladies. If you’re a woman and you have an opinion to share, please do so in the comments section. Are it enjoyable to stereotype rich people and their possessions?

Regardless, the devs are likely just having some harmless fun with the situation. Plus, the potential of 10,000 times your stake gives it some serious bite. The odds of being exposed to the maximum reward are less than one in one hundred million. Still, that’s a lot lower than the billion-to-one chances that pop up occasionally (when they’re stated at all, as opposed to being hidden).

That’s Rich’s potential success may rest in part on its refreshing honesty. If luxury goods and retail therapy are your thing, you’ll feel right at home playing this slot machine. In that case, I guess it’s goodbye sweetheart. General slots players could be won over by the game’s mathematical model and possibilities, but the concept is divisive. The lack of features is a problem, along with the overall theme. There isn’t much to do or see now save from winning spins. That yet, it’s hard to resist an offer where every Win Spin guarantees a payout, and where you can win as many as 20 consecutive wins.

Clearly, there are treasures waiting to be discovered here. That’s Rich is a fast-paced, no-nonsense slot that will appeal to a wide range of gamers, from grizzled veterans of the Pimped genre to latte-moms who have just recently discovered the joys of slot gambling.

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